Jason Schaff Wins Defense Verdict

Shareholder Jason Schaff recently partnered up with in-house counsel for Union Pacific, Melissa Sandoval, to secure another complete defense verdict, this time in a Hayward courtroom in Alameda County. This is the same venue that a jury recently awarded over $2 billion to an injured person. In this case, the plaintiff claimed a Union Pacific train appeared out of nowhere in public crossing as it shoved two railcars out of a nearby chocolate factory into his car, causing him serious injury. Luckily, the plaintiff survived the collision, but required surgery. The vehicle he was driving was completely destroyed.

Plaintiff last demanded $300,000 before trial.  He asked the jury award him an amount to “send a message” to Union Pacific.

After just three hours of deliberation, the jury returned its verdict and exonerated Union Pacific of all liability. Flesher Schaff & Schroeder was honored to work hand-in-hand with Union Pacific’s in-house team. The firm is especially grateful of the opportunity to work with Melissa Sandoval, a former trial competition team member at Pacific McGeorge School of Law where Mr. Flesher and Mr. Schaff both worked as adjunct professors.